Do You Stress Out Over What Other People Think About You?



Many of us expend a lot of energy worrying about what other people think of us. Co-workers, parents, friends, significant others, neighbors - the list goes on. 

Worrying about what other people think of us can hold us back on so many levels and cause us so much unnecessary stress and anxiety.

If you want to free yourself from this worry, start by using this EFT TAP-ALONG video. 

This is a just one of the many video lessons offered in our online program called Return To Peace that helps you to reduce your stress and anxiety in every area of your life - relationships, work, health, self-esteem, past trauma, and more. 

If you have never done EFT TAPPING before then you may want to first watch our video on how to do the EFT TAPPING process HERE.

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  • Amy Ash
Comments 2
  • farricy

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  • Linda Leland
    Linda Leland

    You, my friend, are totally amazing. I totally feel a shift. I have a conference call later and didn’t realize how much of my anxt was due to worrying what others would think of me. This came to me at the perfect time. So grateful for you.

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