Get These Out Of Your Journal Now!


Get These Out Of Your Journal Now!

Some things are sacred and meant to stay in your journal. But other things are also sacred and meant to come out. What am I talking about? No, not your sexuality, but that's a good one too and entirely different post - but you can visit the LGBTQ section of our website if you need support with that ;).

In this article, I am talking about your intentions and affirmations. (Actually, affirmations are intentions only written in clear, precise language.) If you are serious about achieving your goals and intentions for yourself then using positive affirmations is one of the easiest and low-cost ways to get started.

But, you can't let them sit in a journal or in a box hidden away collecting dust. You have to get these affirmations into your daily life by hanging them up in conspicuous places, listening to them on your commute, writing them down over and over, and literally drilling them into your mind. The more you do, the stronger they become.

Hanging them up is one of my favorite ways to use them. That's the reason that I designed a line of affirmation cards that are small, sleek and simple so that you can see them every day without ruining your decor. How many impressions would an affirmation make on your subconscious mind if you hung it up on your bathroom mirror? Or near the front door? Or on your refrigerator? Probably a lot!

And that matters. That's because repetition is one of the key elements to using positive affirmations effectively. With repetition, you not only start to memorize them which means that you can bring them to your mind when you need them, but you are also making impression on your subconscious mind which is where it matters the most. Think about the billion dollar advertising industry. It uses the same principle to get you to take an action and buy a product. Why not tap into this simple method for encouraging yourself to take action towards your intentions and goals?

Let's face it, life is fairly busy for most people. Figuring out how to make time to focus on improving your life is no easy task. That's why using positive affirmations is such an easy first step. It does take work to think more supportively for yourself, but you have to live with your thoughts for your entire life so you may as well make the best of it!  

You can find hundreds of positive affirmations examples on the internet for free by doing a simple search. You can also write your own. If you choose to write your own, just be sure to understand that there is a simple science to writing effective affirmations to ensure that they work. You can learn to write affirmations by clicking here.

We also offer a unique product line of affirmation cards designed in very specific themes to take the guesswork out of it for you. These include cancer treatment support, treatment of illness, weight loss, kids self-esteem, and general well-being. 

I leave you with a few affirmations to help you get started on whatever it is you are wanting to change.

  • I can do this.
  • I focus on what I can do and I do it with all of my heart.
  • Change is possible.
  • I am creating positive changes in my life now. 
  • I choose progress over perfection.

Get after it,

Amy Ash, Founder of

Amy Ash is an EFT Tapping Coach + Hypnotherapist who helps people who aren't satisfied with their current situation create a life that truly fulfills them by aligning their mind and energy systems with their unique gifts and purpose.

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