Is Reincarnation Real?


Is Reincarnation Real?

When I was in the tenth grade, I wrote a research paper and gave a speech on reincarnation. I know, strange, right? But my best friend had died the year before and I wanted answers to many of life's biggest questions especially, "What happens when we die?". Reincarnation seemed like a good place to start my research. Here's what I found.

Much of the research that I did at the time was on Dr. Ian Stevenson, a psychiatrist who worked for the University of Virginia's School Medicine for fifty years. He traveled extensively over 40 years investigating thousands of cases around the world where children claimed to remember past lives.


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The Evidence
In nutshell, his research along with many other past-life researchers have found evidence of past lives. Evidence that includes children speaking ancient languages that they should have no present-day knowledge of, children going to homes from their past-lives and finding physical items they hid, adults having new knowledge or a talent like playing a musical instrument that they have never studied in their current life, and many other types of cases.


Religion and Reincarnation
Most of the world’s major religions include reincarnation as part of their belief system or had included it at one time. Reincarnation was even a commonly accepted belief in the Catholic Church until they decided it was no longer convenient...but that's another story.


Past-Life Regression
This interest in reincarnation eventually led me to learn how to conduct past-life regressions in 1999 for therapeutic purposes. What I have found in both experiencing past lives myself and helping others to regress to their past lives is that past-life regression can actually a powerful therapeutic tool that can help you to resolve challenges that you face in your present-day life. It can also serve as a profound spiritual experience for many people by offering a glimpse into your soul's journey beyond this present life.


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