The Shocking Truth Of Who I was In A Past Life

The Shocking Truth Of Who I was In A Past Life

When I was studying Past-Life Regression in Hypnotherapy school many years ago, our instructor did a group past-life regression. (If you've never experienced a group past-life regression, it's basically the same exact method that I used in the regression in my online course, Spirit Walker.)

At the beginning of the regression, he instructed the group to regress back to the past life that was having the most impact on our present lifeWith that intention in mind, I had no idea what past life I might return to.

But lo and behold, I found myself in a village but I am unsure of the exact geographical location - that part was a bit fuzzy and many times these types of details are not clear in a regression. But, I remember that the landscape of the area was filled with beautiful, green rolling hills and small villages situated in valleys. 

I was a very large, bearded man who I would describe as a typical Viking-type looking guy. In fact, when I watched Game of Thrones, the character Tormund Giantsbane who was the red-headed leader of the Free Folk reminded me of myself in this past life. 

I was part of a village or tribe where the men were responsible for protecting the rest of our tribe. In that essence, I was a warrior and fought often in battles with neighboring tribes. 

During the regression, the first significant memory that I recalled was a time when I was off at some sort of battle while another tribe attacked our village and killed my wife and kids. I was infuriated and my anger at what happened overtook my life. I became feared not just by my enemies, but by the people in my own tribe. I didn't care about life - not mine or anyone else's. This made me an excellent warrior, but that was the extent. I was enraged.

The next significant memory I visited was of me sitting at a community table eating a meal by myself in the center of my village. I always ate alone because everyone feared me and I had no desire to socialize with anyone. As I was eating, a young boy about 3-4 years old put his hand up to grab a piece of food off of my plate. Without hesitating and within an instant, I pulled out an ax or sword and cut his hand off. The people were rightfully horrified and yet, I did not care. I continued to eat my meal.

Finally, I went to the death scene in that life which was similar to the last scene. I was eating again at a table in the center of town when a large group of my own tribe's men were walking towards me from all sides. They all had weapons and I knew they were coming for me. I expected it. In one of the most grotesque scenes you can imagine, the men unleashed their fury and hacked me to pieces. That was the end. 

old wood cottage on grassy hill

When I came out of this particular regression, I was physically sick to my stomach. The regression was one of the most intense that I had experienced. And remember, we had set the intention to regress back to the past life that was having the most impact on our present life.

So what did it mean? How was this life where I became a horrible, fury-filled warrior affecting my present life? 

During the regression and after the death scene, I looked backed and reviewed that life's lessons and meaning. I realized that the love I had for my wife and children was equally as intense as the anger I felt when I lost them. My grief and anger took over my life and blocked me from ever experiencing joy in that life again. Had I learned to accept and forgive their deaths, I wouldn't have grown into the monster I became and could have found love again. 

In my present life at that time of that regression, my partner and I were planning to get pregnant and start a family as soon as I was finished Hypnotherapy school. My past life's lessons were showing me that I needed to let go of the fear of starting a family which underneath was really a fear of losing my family. After all, if I didn't start a family in this life, there would be no risk of losing them - no potential for some of the most intense emotional pain I had ever experienced.

About a year and a half after this regression, my oldest son Beck was born. He is the first of my three children. What's interesting is that I never had the desire or even vision of having children in this life. It just wasn't on my radar like it is for so many people. My ex-partner who I had my first two of three children with basically told me that not having kids was a deal-breaker and if I didn't want them, then we needed to move on. I chose to start a family and I always describe it as one of the biggest and best surprises of my life.

Had I never envisioned starting a family because of a deep-seated fear based on this past life? Possibly, at least in part.

Since my kids were born, I have struggled with anxiety and worry over losing them - it's a present worry that I have to work at managing and some of that anxiety may be residual from that past life. Like many of our challenges, overcoming them is a work-in-progress that can span across lifetimes.

While I have never regressed back to that particular past life again, I am sure there are some more lessons there. That's what's so amazing about past-life regression - we can continue to learn from the lessons of our past. Even just writing about this past life which I regressed back to about 16 years ago has caused me to pause and realize different ways that this past life has impacted me in my present life.

On a side note, in my present-day life, I have always had an intense reaction to seeing or even thinking about anything having to do with being cut, stabbed, or surgery. I cannot watch surgeries and don't even like hearing about them - my wife's a nurse and I have to cover my ears when she shares stories that involve anything having to do with cutting the of a body. I hate violent movies and have to cover my eyes and ears during intense violent scenes...which made it interesting to watch Game Of Thrones. I wonder if that has to do with getting chopped to pieces.

Whether you believe in past lives or believe the information we receive during a past-life regression is merely a metaphor, the lessons are profound. But I have to add that when you have an experience as intense as this one - which isn't the case with every regression - it's hard to believe that it's just a made up metaphor!

Luckily, you can now experience a past-life regression for yourself from the comfort of your own home. I set out to make it easy, affordable, and accessible for people to have these profound experiences in my online course called, Spirit Walker. If you're interested, learn more by clicking here

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