My Story

Like most people, my life has been shaped by my life experiences. One of my most influential experiences happened when I was just 14 years old. Out of nowhere, I lost my best friend who died unexpectedly of natural causes in her sleep. This was a pivotal moment for me. I was left feeling shocked, devastated, and confused.

In my grief, I began to think deeply about life's biggest questions. What is the purpose of life? Who and what is God? Does God exist? What is my purpose? What happens when we die? What is the nature of life, death, and all that is? Even though I was just a kid, these questions were the only ones I truly cared about from that moment forward.  

Around the same time I lost my friend I experienced another major challenge that shaped my life. I realized that I was gay. Ultimately, I accepted this part of myself, but learning to love myself fully when so much of the world was telling me that I was less than forced me to go even deeper into my soul searching. 

I not only wanted to understand the meaning of life, but I also wanted to heal any lack of self-love and worthiness that I felt. I began my journey of healing and discovery which eventually led me to study and practice hypnotherapy, past-life regression, and EFT Tapping.

For over twenty years, I've been using these techniques to learn, grow, and heal on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level. SoulStarter was born out of my desire to share these tools and techniques so that together we can heal the wounds of our past and connect with our true, spiritual nature. 

peace, Amy



amy ash




"Thank God I'm Gay" - A Self-Love Pep Talk by Amy Ash


It's our differences that make us strong, make us grow, and allow us to be more compassionate and accepting towards others. But, in order to reap these positive benefits, we must first be willing to love and accept ourselves in spite of the things that make us different.

In this short talk, I share my personal journey about moving from fear to love by consciously choosing to hold healthy boundaries and love myself in spite of the judgment going on around me. Self-love is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger you become. So strengthen your self-love muscles!

No matter what challenges you face in your life, see them for what they truly are - the opportunity to love and accept yourself unconditionally and authentically. Hope you enjoy the talk!






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Our Company

We are co-owned by a wife-and-wife team, Amy Ash and Jaimi Norden. Both are passionate about helping people in their own unique way.

Amy is an EFT Tapping Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Past-Life Regression Practitioner. She brings a fun, light-hearted approach to this very serious business of healing and evolving spiritually and personally through her online courses for Anxiety and Stress and Past-Life Regression. Amy has also designed a line of guided meditations and affirmation cards to support people in their journey.

Jaimi is the "silent" partner at SoulStarter (she can be pretty quiet :). Jaimi is living her passion as a Registered Nurse - the type that rubs your feet, holds your hand, and brings you warm blankets. Jaimi is an old soul and once received an "old soul" discount from a healer in Boulder.

Together, they have 3 kids and 3 dogs and a lot of love.



Our Values and Beliefs

We value and believe in the power of collaboration, diversity, authenticity, integrity, peace, fun, love, and kindness above all. We believe in acting with intention and integrity in all of our business decisions so that our business can be a vehicle for creating positive change in the world. And, we believe in you and your capacity to heal and live a fulfilled life!

Made With Love In The USA

Besides the fact that we just believe in using responsible business practices, we also don't think it makes any sense to help people improve their lives while selling products that harm the environment or hurt communities. That's why all of our affirmation card products are made in the USA and many parts are made right here in Colorado.