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“I am 48 years old and now I can finally move on and put the past feelings behind me thanks to EFT and my work with Amy. I grew up with a learning disability and ADD. I had continuous bad experiences throughout my schooling starting with Kindergarten. I tried many other therapies over the years to feel better about my past, but never felt completely better. During the sessions, Amy made me feel comfortable bringing up very difficult feelings. In just a couple of sessions a new perspective came up for me that I was completely unaware of - this was transformative for me. I had finally figured out how my past really made me feel and was able to heal it. EFT really made a huge difference for me." K.A., Boston, MA

Are you interested in a one-on-one EFT Tapping session?

Amy Ash, the founder of SoulStarter, offers a limited number of private EFT Tapping coaching sessions each month. Amy is trained in hypnotherapy, EFT Tapping, and several forms of meditation that she uses to help people clear the path to their happiness. All sessions are conducted through Facetime, Skype, or the phone depending on your preference. 

What to expect from an EFT session

Search the internet and you will find thousands of amazing stories about how people are using EFT Tapping to change their lives. It has helped war veterans and genocide victims heal their trauma and countless people eliminate phobias, chronic pain, painful memories, food cravings, and limiting beliefs about themselves. It has been used to eliminate both physical and emotional issues in children, adults, and yes, even animals.

In your research, may also discover that many people talk about how quickly they resolved their issue using EFT. While this is exciting and real, it is certainly not always the case. One issue may be dealt with quickly while other issues you are working on may take longer. In Amy's experience, 1-3 sessions will typically bring relief when the issue is very specific like a phobia, a traumatic memory, or a food craving. If dealing with issues that may be lifelong like depression, anxiety, or self-esteem, more sessions will likely be needed. The good news is that once you start learning the technique, you can use it on your own for the rest of your life to support yourself. Learn more about EFT Tapping here.





Amy Ash EFT Tapping Coach Boulder Colorado



"I am very interested in getting results which is why I have been drawn to using EFT Tapping to empower people. EFT helps people to eliminate physical and emotional pain as well as other emotional blocks that are preventing them from feeling happy and fulfilled. It literally changes the way they feel."

- Amy Ash, Founder of SoulStarter

Private EFT Tapping Sessions with Amy Ash

During the first EFT Tapping session, Amy will teach and/or review the EFT technique so that you will leave with a full understanding of how to do the tapping process. Interested in getting started? Click here


Types of issues that Amy works with

The philosophy behind why EFT Tapping works is rooted in the idea that many emotional and physical issues are caused by a disruption in the body's energy systems. EFT Tapping clears these blocks. In theory, it can be used for just about any type of issue you can imagine including anxiety, stress, traumatic memories, phobias, food cravings, self-esteem, fertility issues, PTSD, career development, addictions, etc.

Amy has experience in coaching clients with issues that include anxiety, phobias, PTSD, physical pain, career development, weight loss, fertility issues, preparing for childbirth, children's issues, athletic performance, and more. If you are interested in learning more or finding out if Amy is a good fit for your particular issue, please click here to contact her. It is important to understand that Amy is not a therapist and she will only accept clients who she believes are a good fit for her skill set and experience. 


How to schedule a session with Amy

Click here to purchase a session. Amy will reach out to you to schedule the session within 48 hours.