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Clear the negative baggage that's preventing you from feeling, being, and living your best and loving yourself fully.


Founder+CEO @ SoulStarter



"You just need to push through your fear and do it!". "Ignore the craving!" "Let go of the past!" Seriously? If it were that easy, everyone would already be living their perfect life. 

We teach you how to change the thoughts and feelings that are causing the fear, the anxiety, or whatever it is that is holding you back so that there is no fear to push through, no craving to ignore, or wounds to heal from our past. The work is done. The result is that you feel confident, capable, ready, healed, at peace, and have a true, deep love for yourself. Life is now different because you are different.   

My name is Amy Ash and I am the founder of SoulStarter. I teach cutting-edge mind-body techniques through our online programs, private coaching sessions, blog, email list, and social media platforms to help you feel, be, and live your best.