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Learn More About EFT Tapping Below

Before you dive into doing the actual EFT Tapping procedure which is taught below, there is a very important piece of the process that you must understand in order to be successful. This important piece is what we call "aspects". Aspects are the many different facets or viewpoints that relate to a particular issue.  For example, if someone is going to use EFT Tapping for their fear of flying on an airplane, there is likely more than one aspect to their fear. 

Some aspects of their fear of flying may include, "I'm afraid of dying", "I'm afraid of taking off in an airplane", "I'm afraid of landing", "I'm afraid of knowing I am about to die as the plane falls to the ground", and "I'm afraid of getting sick on the airplane", etc. If one were to use EFT Tapping only on the aspect of "I'm afraid of flying", they may not get a result. However, if they do the EFT Tapping procedure on each of the aspects, then there is a much better chance for a result. The good news is that using the procedure on an aspect typically takes just a few minutes to do. As you tap on an issue, it is a natural part of the process for different aspects to come into your awareness so pay attention to your thoughts and write down any new aspects that come up so that you can also tap on those.

Step 1

Rating the intensity of the issue

Rating the intensity of your issue is a helpful way to track your progress. Simply rate the intensity of your issue on a scale from zero to ten where zero represents no intensity at all and ten represents the highest intensity you can imagine. If the aspect of your issue changes, be sure to rate the new aspect again as different aspects can have different intensity levels. There is no wrong way to do this - it is up to you to decide how intense the emotions are when you think about your issue. A ten may mean that you can't speak about it without crying while a six may mean that you can feel it, but it's not the strongest you have felt it. A two may mean that it bothers you but is barely noticeable. The goal is to get every aspect of every issue down to zero or at least under 3.

Step 2

Understanding the set-up

The next step in the EFT Tapping procedure is to "set-up" the issue that you are working on by using the statement below and filling in the blank with your issue. You will also say a shortened version of this statement as you tap on each point during the tapping sequence.


"Even though I ______________________, I love and accept myself"  


Examples of what can be filled in the blank are:

"am really angry at my mother for saying I looked fat"

"have this fear of sitting with my back facing the door at restaurants"

"feel deeply sad that I didn't get picked for the new position at work"


Examples of the shortened version of these set-up phrases that you say while tapping on each point in the sequence are:

"this anger at my mother for calling me fat"

"I'm afraid to sit with my back towards the door at restaurants"

"this sadness that I didn't get the job"


Step 3

Learn the acupressure points as outlined below 

The EFT Tapping procedure involves physically tapping with your fingertips on acupressure points on the body while saying a shortened version of the set-up phrase that you used in step 2 as you tap on each point. Use two fingertips to tap about 5-10 times on each point. For some points, you may prefer to use your entire hand to tap. Don't tap so hard that you hurt yourself, but also don't tap too lightly - you are stimulating the energy meridians in the body with the tapping.


 Acupressure Points Used in EFT Tapping Procedure

The Karate Chop Point (KC) is used in the first step of the EFT Tapping procedure. It is located on either hand on the outside fleshy part of the hand that one would use to karate chop something. As you tap on this point,  you say the set-up phrase three times in a row out loud unless you are too emotional. If that is the case, just say it to yourself.

  1. Top of Head (TOH): on top of head slightly towards the back of the head - use entire hand to tap and you will hit it
  2. Eyebrow (EB):  on the beginning of eyebrow on the side closest to the bridge of the nose
  3. Side of Eye (SE): on the outside corner of the eye on the bone 
  4. Under Eye (UE): under the eye on the bone 
  5. Under Nose (UN): under the nose
  6. Chin (CH): on the crease between the bottom lip and chin
  7. Collarbone (CB): below the collarbone and slightly to the side - use entire hand to tap and you will hit it
  8. Under Arm (UA): about a hand's width under the armpit on your side - use entire hand to tap and you will hit it



Summary of the EFT Tapping Procedure

  1. Identify the issue you would like to tap on
  2. Rate the intensity of your issue on the scale from 0-10
  3. Say the set-up phrase three times out loud while tapping on the Karate Chop point
  4. Tap on each acupressure point while saying a shortened version of the set-up phrase
  5. Continue to tap on each point until you feel a shift or it just feels right to take break
  6. Check-in and rate the intensity of the issue
  7. Repeat this process until the intensity is down to at least a 3 or lower
  8. If at any point a different aspect of the issue comes to mind, then do the entire process on that aspect until the intensity is a 3 or lower

Below is an example:

learn eft tapping points procedure free here example of how it is used for pain