Return To Peace Program – SoulStarter, LLC


Free yourself from every stressful thought and feeling and return yourself to peace, confidence, and so much more.

You can learn to relieve your stress and anxiety when you are feeling it, but also uncover and eliminate the root causes of your stress and anxiety so that you don't get stressed or anxious to begin with! 



But first, what exactly is the cause of stress and anxiety?

Your brain is designed to protect you from anything threatening. When faced with a threat, the limbic system part of your brain automatically puts your body into the fight-or-flight response and causes:

  • your heart rate to increase
  • blood pressure to rise
  • muscles to tighten
  • stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline to be released into your bloodstream
  • and your immune system to be suppressed.

Sounds like stress and anxiety, right?

Yes, this is the "stress response" and it's a necessary survival mechanism that protects you from harm.  

But, the modern-day problem is...

Your brain treats every fear the same. This means that running into a grizzly bear while you're out on a hike causes a similar response as the argument you just had with your spouse. The mind and body don't recognize the difference between the grizzly bear and argument - they react the same and put your body into the stress response to varying degrees.

Plain and simple, any type of fear tells the body to go into the stress response. When you have continued or chronic stress, it can wreak havoc on your both your mental and physical health and well-being.

How do you get rid of stress and anxiety?

When you dig into the subconscious mind to where your deepest beliefs and emotions reside, you'll discover that at the root of your stress and anxiety is some type of fear. Fear that a relationship isn't working out, fear that you'll forever be stuck in an unfilling career, fear that a past trauma could happen again, etc. 

Fear is usually linked to a limiting belief such as "I'm not good enough", "Nobody loves me", "I'm not smart enough", etc. So how you do you get rid of stress and anxiety? You get rid of the fear that is causing you to go into the stress response.

Our unique approach

To get rid of stress and anxiety for good, we help you to eliminate the underlying fear and limiting beliefs. The results are exponential and truly life-changing. This is why you get so much more using our approach compared to other programs that focus on managing rather than eliminating your stress and anxiety.  

You get more peace of mind, self-confidence, clarity, self-empowerment, energy, health, joy, and personal fulfillment. You might even call it happiness.


We offer you the opportunity to reduce your stress and anxiety while creating BIG life-changing transformation. 



Return To Peace is our online stress and anxiety reduction program that guides you step-by-step through releasing your uncomfortable feelings, limiting beliefs, and negative baggage. This program will return you back to a place of calm, confidence, and ease. Back to safety. Back to peace. And in the process give you back your energy, confidence, health, clarity, and joy.

A program that will...

  • Free yourself from the fear that has held you back and kept you stuck in feelings of worry, panic, and discomfort
  • Permanently put your past trauma where it belongs - in the past - so that major events and smaller upsets no longer impact you
  • Increase your energy and clarity by eliminating the stress that clouds your mind and sucks up all of your good energy
  • Improve your relationships with your spouse, partner, parents, primary caregivers, children, and coworkers
  • Reduce unhealthy levels of stress and anxiety that can cause serious health issues when left unchecked Increase your self-confidence and create a life that truly fulfills you
  • Return you to your natural state of balance and inner peace