Ready to melt away your tension and calm your mind?

Each of the 3 steps below helps you to reduce your stress and anxiety immediately. Each step builds on the one before it and takes the work to a deeper level to help you get even better results. 

In just a few minutes, you will feel the results for yourself and know why millions of people all over the world are using EFT Tapping to reduce stress, anxiety, PTSD, fears, phobias, low self-esteem, and much more. 

  • In Step 1, you'll learn EFT Tapping in just a few minutes and use it to tap on stressful, anxious feelings
  • In Step 2, we'll get more into the "art" of tapping and tap more deeply on your stress and anxiety to get even better results
  • Step 3 is a simple exercise for you to use EFT in a more personalized way for stress and anxiety shows up specifically for you. 

But there's no need to take my word for it. Try it yourself and feel the difference of what just a few minutes of tapping can do to for you.

Get started now!




EFT Tapping with Amy Ash





Follow this EFT TAP-ALONG for "Stress and Anxiety"






Complete this 5-minute exercise to personalize the EFT TAPPING to your specific feelings of stress and anxiety. Download the exercise now and get started.

Download the "Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety in Five Minute Exercise" Here > 



Get the PDF Download transcript of the EFT TAP-ALONG FOR STRESS AND ANXIETY and the instructions on how to do the EFT Tapping process -


If you want to learn how to improve your results with EFT TAPPING, check out these video links below:


Disclaimer: This EFT Tapping procedure and exercise is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment. While we know of no cases where persons were harmed by using EFT Tapping, by engaging in this exercise you assume all risk and agree to our full disclaimer which can be found here: DISCLAIMER.  


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