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 Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome!

Life has a way of causing us to feel disconnected, anxious, and overwhelmed. That’s why we need to equip ourselves with tools that can return us back to our natural state of inner peace, confidence, and fulfillment. Guided MeditationEFT Tapping, and yes - even Past-Life Regression can do just that. Learn to use these tools here on this site - there are many free resources to get you started right now. Peace.

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Online Course

 Past-Life Regression Online Course

Past-Life Regression Online Course

Take an adventure to your past life in this new course. In addition to a past-life regression audio download that will lead you to a past life, this course includes two video lessons and two preparation exercises to prepare you for your past-life regression. You will have everything you need to experience a past-life regression and to understand how it can help you in your present life - there are many benefits! Not sure if you believe? Learn more and decide for yourself.

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Guided Meditations + Affirmation Cards

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Learn the EFT Tapping points and how to use EFT to reduce your anxiety and stress in this simple, free video lesson and exercise. In just a few minutes, you can return yourself to feeling calm.  

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